Walking / Hiking in Rock Reach

You are free to hike anywhere on our 2 ½-acre parcel, so long as you are careful not to damage plants or the often-crumbling rocks. View our property map here. There are also a number of small signs indicating our property lines that you will see when walking on the property. It is your responsibility to stay on our property. 

If you want to walk (or jog) beyond our property you may do so as long as you stay on “the road." This is the dirt track you drove on to get to our property and which continues to other parts of Rock Reach (you see it below the Jacuzzi). Please note that this track is not a public road. It is an easement to give other landowners in Rock Reach access to their properties. It often bisects properties (as it does ours) and thus you must not stray off of this track while walking or jogging.

There are many wonderful public hiking opportunities in the area, but our private community is not one of them. There is no “open desert" or public land with Rock Reach. Our neighbors, who have spent their hard-earned dollars to purchase property in this private community, take trespassing very seriously. If you fail to respect their property lines we run the very real risk of having this unique rental experience shut down. Thank you in advance for respecting these requests.

There are numerous great public trails not far from Rock Reach and several books in the living room cupboard will give you easy instructions for finding them. A few notable hikes are listed below. 

  • Joshua Tree National Park - "It's known as one of the world’s best rock climbing areas, but the desert hiking is fantastic, too. Straddling the transition zone between high and low deserts, trails here climb up prominent peaks, meander through cactus gardens, reach hidden oases, and wander near the ruins of ghost towns." - Modern Hiker
        -Park Ranger Guided Tours in Joshua Tree National Park - Official guided tours.
        -Detailed list of hikes from Modern Hiker - Great resource for all 13 hikes. 

  • Big Morongo Canyon Preserve -  Open daily 7:30 a.m. - sunset. Birders flock to Big Morongo where several natural springs and a year-round stream attract birds rarely seen elsewhere. This 29,000 acre nature preserve has 2 billion year rock old formations. The water and surrounding lush vegetation also make the canyon a perfect home for a number of desert mammals and several species of reptiles and amphibians.

  • Pioneertown Mountains Preserve - "The developed area of the preserve is very small – just past the dirt parking lot, you’ll find a covered picnic area, an information board, and a beautiful cabin hosting the ranger station, private living quarters, and a bathroom. But you’re not here for man-made stuff – you’re here to see the natural beauty that struck passion in the hearts of the original preservationists, and for that, we suggest you begin your exploration with a hike to Chaparrosa Peak, a high point with absolutely extraordinary views." - Modern Hiker
        -Chaparrosa Peak Trail - A dog-friendly hike that's about 6 miles round trip. More Information.

About the Private Community of Rock Reach

The 320-acre community of Rock Reach is within the boundaries of the Town of Yucca Valley but it is a private community not open to the public. Zoning in Rock Reach is what is known as RL-5, which means rural land with a minimum of fiveacre lot sizes. The zoning was changed a few years ago from RL 2.5. So today our house sits on a 2 ½-acre parcel that is now regarded as a legal, nonconforming lot. Lot sizes in Rock Reach range from 2 ½ acres to 80 acres.

There are 33 lots in all but as of today there are only 10 homes. A number of lots are for sale and, if you have any interest, we would be happy to show some of them. Just ask. Rock Reach is becoming known as a community that includes a growing number of architecturally interesting homes. 


Some of the Neighbors

The Graham Residence is the second home built by Blue Sky Building Systems and is also in Rock Reach -- about a mile from the first house.  It also has two bedrooms and one bath but has more square footage -- and an additional outdoor deck (in the back).  It was also designed by o2 Architecture of Palm Springs. 

Rent in on Airbnb here!

The nearest neighbor of Rock Reach House is this house -- known as The Black Desert House.

Plant Life at Rock Reach

When we built Rock Reach House we were careful to harm as few of the native plants on the property as possible.  Once construction was completed we did a botanical survey of the property in an effort to identify exactly what plants were in the area.  We have used that list to purchase some additional plant materials for the property. Most of those plants have come from an amazing native plant nursery in Escondido – Las Palitas Nursery.  

Here then – for those of you who are interested – is a fairly comprehensive list of the plants you will find throughout Rock Reach:

  • Monkey Flower (mimulus aurantiacus)
  • San Jacinto buckwheat (eriogonum apiculatum) 
  • Rabbitbrush or Chamisa  (chrysothamnus nauseosus) (Dominate plant in the area)
  • Mormon Tea (ephedra aspera)
  • Desert White Cedar (juniperus californica)
  • Desert Mallow or Globe Mallow (sphaeralcea ambigua)
  • Joshua Tree (yucca brevifolia) 
  • Mojave Yucca (yucca schidigera)
  • Desert Stipa (stipa speciosa)
  • Deer Grass (muhlenbergia rigens)
  • Beavertail Pricklypear (opuntia basilaris) 
  • Silver Cholla (opuntia echinocarpa) 
  • Brown Hedgehog Cactus (echinocereus engelmannii) 
  • Bladderpod (cleome isomeris) 
  • Mountain Mahogany (cercocarpus ledifolius)
  • Desert Scrub Oak (quercus turbinella or palmeri)
  • Pinyon Pine (pinus monophylla or pinus edulis)
  • Manzanita (acostaphlyus glauca)
  • Desert Willow (chilopsis linearis)
  • Creosote (larrea tridentate)
  • Brittlebush (Encilia farinose)