I am a passionate believer in the importance of finding better ways to build homes. I started my professional life as a print journalist, eventually serving in a variety of corporate PR and marketing executive roles. As a Southern California native I have long had a passion for the deserts of California -- especially the Mojave Desert. That passion led me to buy property in nearby Yucca Valley and that in turn led me to start a company called Blue Sky Building Systems. In fact Rock Reach House is the first prototype for Blue Sky Building Systems. Blue Sky offers a unique steel frame system that is especially adept at allowing homes to be built on sloping property without the necessity of creating a flat pad – among many other attributes.

While Blue Sky continues to grow and prosper I am now devoting some of my time to a new project – a start-up company called Homestead Modern. Homestead Modern is focused on offering small pre-designed homes that can be built quickly, pretty much anywhere, for a set price. Homestead Modern No. 1 is the first project from Homestead Modern.

Dave McAdam